Presentation of AFD in Sri Lanka and the Maldives

1) Presentation of AFD :

AFD is a specialized financial institution whose task is to implement the French Government’s economic and social development aid policy. It intervenes in over 60 countries, providing untied financing through grants or loans with different levels of concessionality. A wide range of financial instruments are used to underwrite AFD activities : grants, subsidies, guarantees, loans, equity shareholdings, and local bank intermediation.
AFD can also operate as a co-financing entity : under our Trincomalee Infrastructure Integrated Project, AFD works in partnership with the Asian Development Bank on the Community Development component and with the Réserve Pays Emergents (RPE – French ministry of Finance) co-financing the Water component.
AFD’s funds are untied. The tenders can either be local or international depending on the volume of works.Most of the tenders are published on the DGMarket website. It is possible to contact the AFD office in Colombo directly or the AFD headquarters in Paris for further details.

2) AFD in Sri Lanka and the Maldives

AFD has been present in Sri Lanka since October 2005, with the establishment of an office in Colombo, competent on the Maldives, which has been attached to the regional agency for Southern Asia in New Delhi since 2009.
After the tsunami in December 2004, the agency was authorized by the Government of France to intervene for a period of 3 years to implement a “financial facility” given in the form of concessional loans so as to contribute to the reconstruction work. Its subsidiary PROPARCO is involved in financing activities in the same manner.

In June 2009 the Government of France made the decision to allow the expansion of AFD’s field of intervention to newly emerging countries through a mandate to support green and inclusive growth. This decision means potential increase in AFD’s activities as well as more diversity of actions in Sri Lanka.

For more information :
AFD Colombo Level 33, West Tower, World Trade Center, Echelon Square, Colombo 1
Tel : 529 97 80/3 Fax : 529 97 84

BOUTBOUL Charlotte – Coordinatrice des programmes Sri Lanka & Maldives –

VILLENEUVE Grégory – Responsable AFD à Sri Lanka et aux Maldives –

Xavier Echasseriau – Chargé de projet –

To visit AFD website in Sri Lanka, please click on the following link :

Online 11/12/2013

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