Aid for cinema

Each year, as part of its policy of contributing to the development of world cinema, France participates actively in the development of selected film projects around the globe and particularly in the Southern countries.

French aid for cinema generally comes in the form of co-production agreements, professional workshops for directors & producers or residential training sessions, particularly for young filmmakers.
Some of these are direct government grants while others are funds associated with international film festivals. These aid programs have to their credit the discovery of many new talents, recognized today in the international sphere and rewarded by prestigious film festivals.

In addition to bringing forth funds necessary for selected film projects, these programs give the golden opportunity for filmmakers to improve their knowledge of the global cinema industry, to develop a useful international network of professional contacts and to get exposure for their films in foreign markets. Four among the most prominent & regular international aid programs fostered by the French cinema industry are:

Le Fonds Sud Cinéma

Produire au Sud - Nantes

Produire au Sud - Bangkok

Résidence du Festival de Cannes

Fonds Sud Cinéma

Since its creation, the Fonds Sud Cinéma has helped more than 300 film projects. To its credit is the discovery of many new talents acknowledged by international critics& rewarded by the most prestigious festivals.

This find concerns feature, animation & creative documentary film projects intended for theatrical release in France & abroad. Most of the films aided by this fund have been presented and awarded prizes at international film festivals.

Average aid per film :

110 000 euros and cannot exceed 152 449 euros.

Application form & all details :

To be downloaded from:

Application procedure & package:

Aid applicants must prepare the following application kit in 10 copies. The documents must be in French & must be submitted through the cultural section of the French Embassy.

· The application form properly filled out & signed by the producer and the director

· The script with continuity & dialogue

· The treatment (1 to 5 pages)

· The director’s detailed résumé

· An estimated overall budget in euros

· The distribution of the budget between expenses foreseen in France (according to French salary scales and fees) and in the director’s country

· The financing plan for the project, including, if possible, copy of the co-producers’ commitments

· If necessary, a note providing comments or additional information - artistic, technical or financial - the applicant deems useful for a better understanding of the project

· If the screenplay is based on a pre-existing work, the permission of the author and/or rights holders (transfer of rights or option)


Deadline for deposit in Paris : 18 september

Pre-selection comitees: november

Plenary session: december

For further information:

Contact Aline THIBAULT at the French Embassy in Sri Lanka.

Cannes - Résidence du Festival

The Residence provides accommodation and support to 6 film directors with a feature project of fiction in 2 successive sessions every year (October 1st-Mid February / End of February - Mid July).

The intention of this program is to enable film directors, who have a feature film project, to further develop their skills, professional relations & industry knowledge to carry out their respective film project successfully.


The residents benefit from:

· Accommodation in the centre of Paris, including a private bedroom, communal living areas, and a home video room. Each bedroom is equipped with a personal computer with high speed Internet connection, a television and a video recorder.

· Living expenses of 750 euros per month

· Free access to a large number of Parisian cinemas

· French lessons (optional)

· All other advantages of the program of the Festival Residence

Next sessions & deadlines:

Session Application Deadline

28th Feb. 2006 - 10th July 2006: 19th Sep. 2005

02nd Oct. 2006 - 11th Feb. 2007: 31st March 2006

Criteria for application:

· Applicants to the festival residence must have already made short films or possibly a first feature film.

· Should be able to express themselves in French or English.

Application requirements / documents:

· A completed application form (available upon request from the Residence head office or from the web site. The jury will not examine incomplete application forms.

The form can be downloaded from

· VHS cassettes or DVD of any short films, feature film (where relevant), documentaries, commercials or music videos

· The feature film project in progress at the moment of application: a screenplay or a treatment (10 pages minimum)

· A photocopy of the applicant’s passport

For further information:

Contact Aline THIBAULT at the French Embassy in Sri Lanka.

Produire au Sud & Festival de 3 Continents - Nantes

Producing in the South is a workshop-seminar introducing techniques to aid in the production of films in the South.

The workshop objectives include familiarizing producers based in the South with a variety of important tools: legal, screenwriting, financing, marketing strategies and inter-professional relationships that are essential in the co-production process.

A maximum of eight projects are be selected.

Eligibility criteria:

The workshop is for producers who have a production project for a fiction feature film for a theatrical release.

The selected producers will attend the workshop with the scriptwriter or the director of the project they have submitted to Produire au Sud. The producer will take part in all training sessions, production master class and scriptwriting workshop. The director will mainly take part in the scriptwriting & development workshops.

Travel & stay fees will be taken in charge by Produire au Sud during the 9 days of the program.

Next Program:

November-December 2006


Documents for the application file:

· Registration - to be done online

· A personal CV and cover letter from the producer, focusing specifically on the seminar.

· A fiction feature film project including:

A synopsis (not more than 2 pages)

A screenplay or treatment (between 20 to 40 pages)

A production schedule and technical breakdown

An estimated budget and a preliminary funding plan for the film

The director’s filmography and a note on his or her project

The producers must have previous experience in production (feature or short films)

The pre-selected producers must furnish a copy of the director’s last project


· The applicants must speak French or English

· The director cannot submit his or herself as the producer of the film

· The project must be a fiction feature film for a theatrical release (no TV or documentary film will be considered)

For inquiries

Contact Aline THIBAULT at the French Embassy in Sri Lanka.

Produire au Sud - Bangkok

With a wealth of 25 years of experience behind, the “Festival des 3 Continents” (Nantes, France) has imposed itself as a meeting of absolute must for African, Asian and Latin-American Cinematography in Europe. The seminar-workshop “produire au sud” (or Produce with the “South”) has been organised in Paris and Nantes for a few years now and it had the opportunity of gracing some of the most promising young producers and directors of their generation. In 2005, the first edition of the workshop took place in Bangkok which is (a short version) of the French edition and it has for aim to give young producers of South East Asia the necessary tools for co-production and co-financing with Europe. The goal is to optimise the viability of selected projects and to broaden its international distribution.

During the 4th World Film Festival of Bangkok a workshop for 7 Producers and Directors (2 invited participants per project) with a feature film Project in development will be held. “Produire au sud” will take place from October 19th to the 22nd 2006. Three European Film Executives will lead this workshop: a producer, a sales agent and a scriptwriter (TBA). The selected projects will compete for the “Young Producer Award”. The winning project will be invited to participate to the “Produire au Sud” Workshop during the “Festival des 3 Continents in Nantes” (November 22nd to December 1st.

The program:

October 19th afternoon and 20th

Presentation to the participants of the aspects of co-production

§Legal matters (author’s right, copyrights, contracts and terms of reference)

§Financial matters (financing sources and plans, budget)

§Commercial matters (exportation, distribution, markets, festivals).

October 21st One to one meeting

§Each participant (producers will be joined by directors) will have one to one meeting with the 3 French invited professionals

§Personal advices on their project : financial, marketing, pitching advices from the European producer and sales agent as well as an analysis of their script by the script doctor.

October 22nd The participants present their final project

§Each participant will make a presentation of the cinema situation in his country

§Each participant will pitch his project in front of his colleagues and the other professionals attending the World Film Festival of Bangkok.

For more information, go to the festival website:

Selection criteria :

§ Age limit 40 years

§ The candidate should have produced at least one long feature film or more than 3 short ones

§ Good understanding of English

§ Producers cannot be directors of the submitted project

§ Eligible countries: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, China / Hong Kong, Sri Lanka.

Step 1

§ Send soft copy of application file in English by email before 15th June 2006 to the following address:

To download the application form, click here.

The application file includes the following parts and segments to be filled out:

§ The application form

§ Profile of the producer

§ Profile and filmography of the director

§ A motivation letter which has to be written by the producer (focusing on his motivations for attending the workshop “Produire au Sud” in Bangkok)

§ The project of long feature has to include the following items:

§ A synopsis (maximum 2 pages)

§ A treatment (10 pages minimum)

§ A budget and a financing plan

§ State of the project, technical information and production schedule

§ A letter of intent by the director concerning the project

Step 2
The following (see below) must be sent by post before 30th June 2006, to the Audio-Visual Attachés of the French Embassy according to the applicant’s country of residence (see list of contacts below)

§ 2 copies of previous work in VHS version
§ 2 hard copies of the application file

The selected producers and directors will be invited to attend the workshop during the World Film Festival in Bangkok thereby they have to provide the up to date version of the script or treatment in English.

The invitation for both the producer and director will comprise of: an air ticket , accomodation, food and the accreditation to the Bangkok Film Festival.

For further details

Contact Aline THIBAULT at the French Embassy in Sri Lanka.

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