Artlink 2007: Puppet show!

The annual artlink project is a 10 year old collaboration between the British Council, Goethe Institute, Alliance Française & the Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts. The project aims to attract young, innovative amateur artists and designers looking to cross boundaries between visual and fine arts and performing arts. This is achieved through an exchange programme that gives a selected number of local participants the opportunity of working with British, French and German artists.


The main objective of this year’s project is to offer an opportunity to 15 Sri Lankan and 3 European puppeteers to share their experiences, expertise and ideas and to encourage creativity in developing puppetry in Sri Lanka through a workshop process.

The workshop will be held at the Piliyandala Puppet Art Centre from 6th to 16th of January 2007. At the conclusion of the workshop on the 16th of January a puppet show will be staged at the Piliyandala Puppet Art Centre at 6p.m. This will be open to the public - tickets Rs100/= for adults at the door, free if below 18.

The Sri Lankan participants at this year’s workshop are:

Vipula Gamvari from Ambalangoda

E. Percy from Vathugedara

G. Savindra from Horana
G.A. Sanjeewa from Ambalangoda

P.N. Sanjeewa from Horana

L.P. Banduala from Yakkala

D.P. Chandralatha from Papiliwela

G.K. Chinthaka from Ambalangoda

W. Vimalasiri from Ambalangoda

L.P. Norbert from Kaluthara South

L.G. Lal from Mirrissa

L. P. Seebert from Payagala

E. Sunny from Piliyandala

L.P. Charlet from Piliyandala

L.P. Vialet from Vathugedara


The workshops will be led by three European artist: Ewan Hunter (UK), Alice Therese Bohm (Germany) & Clément Peretjako (France).

Ewan Hunter

Ewan Hunter is an artist, puppeteer and theatrical performer. He has been a member of the cast of the critically acclaimed play ‘shockheaded Peter’, been part of the ‘The Wolves In The Walls’ , has worked with UZ productions, the NVA Organization, The Scottish Ballet, The Scottish Opera and the BBC among many more. Mr. Hunter is no stranger to Sri Lanka as he has previously been involved in the Hikkaduwa International Children’s’ Parade in 2004. He has also worked with Dodanduwan artist Prasantha Wadu Mesthige in Glasgow for the ‘Big in Falkirk’ Festival.

Alice Therese Bohm

Alice Böhm built her first marionette at the age of sixteen and is now teaching marionettes at the “University of Music and Dramatic Arts” in Stuttgart, Germany.

Alice began her studies in 2000 at the acting school "Ernst-Busch" in Berlin, Germany. She then went on to study puppetry at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart, Germany.

In 2003 she assisted Prof. Albrecht Roser - the father of the famous "Granny from Stuttgart" and the clown Gustav - at the International Summer String Academy at the University of Connecticut in America. She was then invited to again teach as part of his “Master Class” workshops in February 2004 and 2005 in Buoch, Germany. And since 2006 she is a member of the staff of the “O’Neill Puppetry Conference” in Connecticut, USA.

Alice has performed some solo shows, one of them ("3-Hieroglyphen - 1 Solo für 2") has gone on to travel to Poland, Austria, and Luxemburg.

Alice builds and designs her own puppets using various materials from wood to foam and latex.

Clément Peretjako

Clément Peretjako is a young promising master puppeteer. After having obtained several diplomas in puppetry and theatre arts from French universities, he now creates repairs & adapts puppets for various shows and also writes shows. Clément has collaborated with many artists, including Japanese artists, in his area of expertise. He is also fascinated by words and poetry and is the artistic director of a company which produces and promotes European poets and poetic events.

The workshop in Piliyandala will also lead up to two puppet shows at the Viharamahadevi park open air theatre on Thursday 18th January 2007:

School show at 1000 hrs. Admission - free of charge.

Public show at 1800 hrs. Admission - tickets Rs 100./= for adults available at the gate - free if below 18.

Online 17/01/2007

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