Beginning of school year 2013/2014 at Ecole Française Internationale de Colombo (EFIC)

About forty pupils joined the EFIC at this beginning of school year 2013/2014: 17 in nursery school, 9 in CP/ CE1, and 11 in the cycle 3 of the primary education, supervised by the teaching team. Only the pupils of the college and lycée follow their program with the CNED(NATIONAL CENTRE FOR DISTANCE LEARNING) with the support of educational assistants.
Managed by Mrs Myriam Rault, appointed by the French Department of Education, the EFIC is a bilingual international school where French and English are both languages of teaching for the 3rd consecutive year.
The general assembly of the parents of pupils, from 9 different nationalities, took place in an attentive and friendly atmosphere on September 23rd.


The Ambassador of France, Mr Jean-Paul Monchau, arrived a few days ago at Sri Lanka, expressed himself in this occasion as Honorary president of the association of the parents. He reminded the membership of the EFIC in the big family of the French educational establishments abroad within the network of the AEFE(AGENCY FOR FRENCH EDUCATION ABROAD), the carried attention on this school of embassy open to all those avid to bring to their children a "French-style" formation, in its good management and in the quality of the education which is dispensed there.
The President of the Board of 5 members recently elected, Mr. Jean-Baptiste de Ghellinck, underlined the importance of an implication of the parents in the life of the establishment and the support of the " educational dynamics " centered on the development of the bilingualism.

The Yearbook of the EFIC give a beautiful outline of the diversity of the school and extraschool activities. Only common point : the happiness which appears on the face of the children of all the ages!
A friendship drink was served who allowed to form ties between about twenty present families. All the looks converged on the photos of the new premises of Park road where the EFIC is soon going to move: more spacious, more functional and adapted well to the life of a school.
To know everything on the life of this innovative and human-sized school, please feel free to contact the principal on or call (0094 ) 11 258 88 03


Contact :


120 Park Road

Colombo 5


(0094 ) 11 258 88 03


Online 04/11/2013

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