Bonjour Cinéma! 8th Francophone Film Festival

Over the past few years, Bonjour Cinéma, the Francophone Film Festival in Sri Lanka, has become an increasingly popular event among local movie lovers. Every year, the festival attracts large numbers of adults as well as children. The 8th annual francophone film festival, Bonjour Cinema will be held on 29th (by invitation only), 30th and 31st of March and 5th, 6th and 7th of April 2013 at the BCIS auditorium, in the premises of the BMICH, and will be the main event of the celebration of “La Francophonie” in Sri Lanka


Bonjour Cinéma is organised by Canada, France, Qatar, Romania, Switzerland, Tunisia and Vietnam to enjoy a collection of some critically acclaimed movies produced in member countries of International Organisation of “La Francophonie” (OIF). 12 films, including 2 films for children, will be screened during the festival at 11 am, 3 pm and 6.30 pm at the BCIS Auditorium of the BMICH. All the films are subtitled in English and the entrance is free.


Following the idea of highlighting the Sri Lankan filmmakers and productions, a short film made by a Sri Lankan filmmaker will be screened before each feature film. The Festival will also include one day Master Class organized by Agenda 14 and conducted by the Sri Lankan cinematographer M. D. Mahindapala, a renowned filmmaker who directed many acclaimed documentaries and films and who was involved into several National Institutions in the audiovisual field.


In recognition of his promising contribution to Sri Lankan cinema, on 29th of March, we will inaugurate this year’s Francophone Film Festival with Aruna Jayawardana’s film, Nikini Vassa / August Drizzle - Rain that never kisses the earth: an emotional journey through Life, Death and Expectations.


Fri 29 March


6.30pm - Opening - Nikini Vassa - By invitation only


Sat 30 March


11am -When the tenth month comes (Vietnam)
3pm - Tomboy (France)
6.30pm - Incendies (Canada)


Sun 31 March


11am - Molly in Springtime (Canada)
3pm - Crossing dates (Romania)
6.30pm - The translator (Switzerland)


Fri 5 April


3pm - Lyrics Revolt (Qatar)
6.30pm - A screaming man (France)


Sat 6 April


11am - Money Exchange (Romania)
3pm - Nostalgia for the countryside (Vietnam)
6.30pm - Another man (Switzerland)


Sun 7 April





Online 29/08/2017

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