Ciné Club - Alliance français in Colombo

Le rayon vert by Eric Rohmer

- 1st at 3 pm (98 min)

“Delphine, a young secretary who lives in Paris, has her holiday plans upset when her fiancé and then her friend dump her. Half-heartedly, she agrees to accompany another friend to Cherbourg, but upset, she soon heads back to Paris. After an equally fruitless trip to the Alps, she heads for Biarritz, where she overhears the tale of the Green Ray. Lonely and unsure what to do, she tries to fill time, little thinking that the Green Ray will soon change her life...”

Les amants du pont neuf by Leos Carax

- 7th at 6 pm & 8th at 3 pm

“A young man with mental problems, Alex, returns from a homeless shelter to his beloved Pont-Neuf in Paris. There he discovers Michèle, a distraught young woman, sleeping in his patch. Michèle ran away from home after breaking up with her boyfriend and when she discovered she had an eye disease which was sending her blind. With no money, no job, no home, the two youngsters suddenly discover happiness and enjoy a whirlwind romance. Then Michèle discovers that her eyesight can be saved, but Alex cannot bring himself to let her go...”

Un pont entre deux rives by Gerard Depardieu

- 14th at 6 pm & 15th at 3 pm

“1962. Although Mina and Georges are happily married, with a teenage son, times are hard. With her husband out of work, Mina is forced to accept a job as a housemaid. Georges then finds work, on a bridge construction project, but this requires him to live away from his home. With her husband out of the picture, Mina starts an affair with an engineer, Matthias, who is also involved with the bridge project. Whilst she can’t bear to hurt her husband, or her son, Mina is incapable of giving up her new love, and she is ultimately faced with an impossible decision...”

Au revoir les enfants by Louis Malle

- 21nd at 6 pm & 22rd at 3 pm

“At the time of the Nazi occupation of France in 1944, a young boy, Julien, is evacuated from his home in Paris to a Catholic boarding school in the country. He is teased by the other boys because, unlike them, he takes his lessons seriously and wins the praise of his teachers. However, he has a rival, the quiet boy Jean Bonnet, who is teased even more than he is. The two boys do not get on well at first but, in a short while, become the best of friends. Then Julien makes an alarming discovery - Jean is actually a Jew, one of a number sheltered by the Catholic heads of the school. This knowledge does not damage his friendship with Jean - until, one day, a squad of Nazi police arrive at the school, having received a tip-off from a disgruntled former employee. The outcome will haunt Julien for the rest of his life...”

Jules et Jim by Francois Truffaut

- 28th at 6 pm

“Jules, a German, and Jim, a Frenchman, are two writers who strike up a close friendship. They share a passion for literature, art... and women. After a trip to Greece, where they study a statue of a woman with an enchanting smile, they return to France and meet Catherine, who seems to have the same alluring smile. Both men are attracted towards the young woman, but it is Jules she decides to marry. Then World War I intervenes and all three are separated. After the war, Jules rejoins Catherine and they live, with their young daughter Sabine, in a remote mountain chalet in Germany. They invite Jim to stay with them for a while. When he arrives, Jim notices that Jules and Catherine’s marriage is disintegrating and that his own passion for Catherine has been rekindled...”

Online 31/01/2006

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