Ciné Club - French actors in the Italian cinema

The new version that was launched in January follows the ciné-club tradition that is to offer added cultural value. Each Wednesday evening at 6.30 pm, a short presentation precedes the film which is generally in French with English subtitles.

After the film a discussion takes place in the cafeteria in friendly atmosphere. Another screening is scheduled on Tuesdays at 3 pm. Each month the films are chosen according to a chosen theme. Moreover, Sri Lanka is one of the first countries in the world to screen these pieces of movie art as these films are downloaded legally. France and Alliance Française de Colombo are committed to respect the authors’ rights. Open to all, the entrance to the ciné-club is free.

Theme of May : French actors in the Italian cinema

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Both Italian and French languages have derived from Latin. The two countries who are neighbors and even “sisters” linked by History have decided to come together to build a new era of peace and prosperity: “The European Union”.

The theme “French actors in Italian cinema” is a wonderful opportunity to stress our common interest in promoting the European cultural dimension. Many directors and actors perform in both countries. Our project is also to allow the Sri Lankan public to discover these special links. It shows our common interest in cultural diversity that is precious in this time of “Globalization” which looks more like “standardization”.

Cinéma Paradiso - by Giuseppe Tornatore - 1988 - 120 min.

2nd mai 3pm & 3rd mai 6.30pm

Salvatore, a very famous film director comes back to sicily after 30 years of absence. It is the beginning of a long journey back to the memories of his childhood and youth, but most of all discovering the origins of his love for cinema.
A film on cinema and on the magic of the so called “seventh art” featuring a great performance of the French actor Philippe Noiret.
Winner of the Oscar prize in 1989.

Il Postino by Michael Redford - 1994 - 120 min.

9th mai 3pm & 10th mai 6.30pm

The tale of an extraordinaty meeting between an ordinary postman and the famous Poet Pablo Neruda, changing their lives forever. Located in the wonderful landscapes of the South of Italy.
A delicate film showing the importance of friendship and love beyond distance and differences.
The last film of the famous Italian actor Massimo Troisi along with another fanatastic performance by the French actor Philippe Noiret.

Le jardin des Finzi Contini - by Vittorio De Sica - 1971 - 100 min.

16th mai 3pm & 17th mai 6.30pm

The story of Finzi Contini, a Jewish family living in the city of Ferrara struggling to survive vis-a-vis the racial laws imposed by Fascism and the upcoming World War II.
A historical tale about the social problems related to racism and a romantic love story on the brink of a catastrophic war.
Winner of the Oscar prize in 1971.

Rocco et ses frères - by Luchino Visconti - 1960 - 175 min.

23rd mai 3pm & 24th mai 6.30pm

A poor family from a small village in the South of Italy moves to Milan during the sixties looking for a better new life.
A picture on the living conditions in the big cities and about the difficulties brought upon by the changes that takes place in the lives of migrants until the total break up of the family and of its values.
Featuring a great performance of the famous French actor Alain Delon.

Le guépard - by Luchino Visconti - 1963 - 180 min.

30th mai 3.30pm & 31st mai 6.30pm.

Located in the Sicily of 1860, it is the story of an aristocratic family facing the great social changes brought upon by the creation of the new Italian unitary state and the decadence of its social conditions.
This masterpiece in the history of cinema is complemented by extraordinary performances from the main actors including Alain Delon.

Online 11/05/2006

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