Ciné Club «Rebellion» @ Alliance Française de Colombo

Le bleu des villes by Stéphane Brizé

- 1999 - Mar. 6 à 15h00 & Mer. 7 à 18h30.(105 min)

“Solange is unhappy. She’s a meter maid in the town of Tours, working in the rain, subject to verbal abuse from those she cites. Her husband Patrick is consumed by the work of finishing their new house. He also has a bad temper, subjecting Solange to tantrums...”

La Squale by Fabrice Genestal

- 2000 - Mar. 13 à 15h00 & Mer. 14 à 18h30.(100 min)

“Desiree is a tough young woman living the anti-heroic life of an outsider, la "squale" in the suburban ghetto of Paris. She quickly establishes herself as the leader of a local girl gang by claiming she is the daughter of Souleimane, a legendary hero whose ghost still reigns supreme over the project...”

Ressources humaines de/ by Fabrice Genestal

- 1999 - Mar. 20 à 15h00 & Mer. 21 à 18h30.(100 min)

“Frank is a business school student who has returned from France for a summer internship at a factory in his hometown. It just so happens that his father, Jean-Claude, is an employee of the factory, where he has worked for thirty years. At first, Frank’s energy impresses the bosses and makes his father proud. He orchestrates a referendum with the hopes that this will ease some of the tensions between the factory executives and the union leader, Mrs. Arnoux...”

Samia by Fabrice Genestal

- 2000 - Mar. 27 à 15h00 & Mer. 28 à 18h30.(75 min)

“Samia is a teenage girl of Algerian descent living with her family, including sisters and brothers, in Marseille. She must struggle with the tradition-bound rituals and behavior of her home life while transitioning into the modern world of which she must become a part...”

Online 05/02/2007

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