Cinema @ Alliance française Colombo: Chroniques d’amitiés!

Les Apprentis by Pierre Salvadori

6th June @ 3pm & 7 june @ 6.30pm (95 min).

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Les apprentis

Black comedy about two best friends, one a budding playwright and the other a motorbike freak, who spend their time annoying their girlfriends and getting into various scrapes. Things turn nasty, however, when the pair are caught burgling the offices of a karate magazine, the consequences of which sends the playwright into a spiraling bout of depression...

Dieu vomit les tièdes by Robert Guédiguian

13th June @ 3pm & 14th June @ 6.30pm (100 min)


In a small working class town in the South of France, three boys and a girl make a promise when they are teenagers to never forget the fact that they were “children from poor families”. Twenty years later, we find them in the same town where preparations are underway for the bicentenary celebration of the Revolution in a strange atmosphere...

Nos vies heureuses by Jacques Maillot

20th June @ 3pm & 21 June @ 6.30pm (147 min)

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Nos vies heureuses

Intertwined stories of six friends searching for happy lives. Julie is released from hospital after a suicide attempt, Ali leaves Morocco to study in France, Jean-Paul is a religious militant, Emilie is in the midst of a breakup, Cecile staves off boredom by taking photographs and Lucas has broken up with his wife and is in the midst of discovering his own sexuality...

Quand on sera grand by Renaud Cohen

27th June @ 3pm & 28th June @ 6.30pm (120 min)

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Quand on sera grand

30-year-old man finds the trials and responsibilities of adulthood are finally starting to catch up with him in this comedy-drama from France. Simon does not have an especially strong relationship with his father, a psychoanalyst, his friends are going through a variety of crises, and his girlfriend is no longer happy with their relationship. But after the death of Simon’s grandmother and the breakup of his father’s marriage, Simon and his dad find themselves communicating again. Simon also finds himself befriending a neighbor, who is both pregnant and down in the dumps...

Online 12/06/2006

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