Cinnamon Colomboscope 2015


From its origins as a small trading port named ‘kola amba tota’ or ‘Kolontota’, Colombo as we see it today, is yet again at the brink of bursting into being. At this moment in history, as Colombo changes and grows as if overnight, it is important to reflect on what ‘change’ means for those that live in it.

Cinnamon Colomboscope 2015 focuses on the broad questions that define Colombo as the capital of Sri Lanka – a rapidly growing, gleaming city with shiny new pavements and leafy parks and an urban soul to match. Is it a microcosm of all that is Sri Lankan, or is it becoming a city unto itself set apart from the rest of Sri Lanka? What is the importance of capital cities in the economic, social and political life of modern societies? Underneath its gloss what shadows remain? The sessions will approach Colombo through the psychological and emotional responses of its people to its urban transformation. It will explore emerging patterns of urban space; urbanity and expression through the arts; the formation of urban networks through information and technology; the challenges of urban transformation in planning sustainable cities; and how the violence inherent in upheaval affects identity, behaviour and belonging.
Over fifty people, including sixteen visiting experts will contribute to this edition of Colomboscope. They will be from various disciplines, including authors, architects, artists, journalists, actors, directors, musicians, economists, corporate and business leaders, innovators, gourmands, political commentators, city planners and citizen historians.

Cinnamon Colomboscope Talks, explores the dynamism and spirit of this place that we inhabit, the character of its denizen, and all that this city - our Colombo - has to offer.

Final Programme available here:

PDF - 546.4 kb
(PDF - 546.4 kb)

The Embassy of France to Sri Lanka and the Maldives gives special and warm thanks to the Galle Face Hotel, main hotel partner, to Jet Airways, main airline partner and to all its sponsors for their precious support.

Online 29/08/2017

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