Connecting literature to cinema: literary sessions with David Foenkinos

In the framework of the French Spring Festival, the Embassy of France to Sri Lanka and the Maldives and the Alliance Française network are pleased to welcome the French author David Foenkinos to take part in the French Film Festival and present literary sessions in Galle and Colombo.


David Foenkinos started is career as a guitar teacher before studying literature at the Sorbonne University in Paris. His first novel, Inversion of Idiocy (2002), earned him a critical success and won the François Mauriac Prize that rewards a young writer. A turning point in his career is achieved with The Delicacy (2009) celebrated by critics and which received a dozen literary prizes and sold over a million copies. David Foenkinos adapted the novel to film and co-directed it with his brother Stephen in 2011. It is nominated twice for the Césars Awards 2012 for best adaptation and best first film.

Memories (2011), his most autobiographical work, was also adapted to film in 2013 by actor and director Jean-Pierre Rouve. It turned out to be a mainstream success, exceeding the million entry tickets sold in France. In 2014, Charlotte, a fictionalized biography of Charlotte Salomon, a Jewish painter on the run against the Nazis who died at 26 year-old only in an extermination camp, is acclaimed and again a great success in bookstores. His most recent novel, The Mystery Henri Pick (2016), is the story of a literary inquiry with a lot of suspense.

Nowadays, David Foenkinos is among the five more popular French novelists; his books are translated abroad in forty languages.

The tropism that characterized perhaps most the work of Foenkinos, is the perpetual wavering between fiction, realism, reality and real. His play on these categories bases his understanding of the world”. MEDIAPART

"Good ideas come at night while bad ideas are sleeping." D. Foenkinos in Les Souvenirs

"There are great people we met at the wrong time. And there are people who are great because you meet them at the right time." D. Foenkinos in The Delicacy

" To not miss it, one should live his life backwards" D. Foenkinos in I feel better.


The film Memories was selected for the opening of the French Film Festival in Colombo on Tuesday, July 12; David Foenkinos, President of the Festival, will present it and answer questions from the audience after the screening.

Tuesday 12th July, Colombo, French Spring Festival, National Film Corporation, film presentation, 6 pm
Wednesday 13th July, Colombo, University of Kelanyia, literary meet, 10.00 am
Wednesday 13th July, Galle Face Hotel, literary meet with Ashok Ferrey, 4.30 pm
Thursday 14th July, Colombo, Digital Film Academy, workshop on film, 10.30 am
Friday 15th July, Galle, Jetwing Hotel, free screening, 4.30pm & literary meet with Ashok Ferrey, 6pm


The Embassy of France is grateful to all its sponsors and especially to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, to the Galle Face Hotel, main hospitality partner, Airbus Group, Total, Lion Royal Pvt. Ltd, Suez Environment, Alstom, Carmart-Peugeot, Connaissance de Ceylan, Dialog, Pee Bee-Lancôme, Schneider Electric Lanka, Shanti Travel, Unibridge, Veolia, Vinci, and all those who contributed to the organization of the French Spring 2016.

Online 29/08/2017

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