Exhibition Rasika de Silva @ Alliance française de Kandy

Nature and Humanity - 4

19 - 26 May

Color, passion and personal myth by Kapila Ariyananda


Paul Klee, the famous Swiss painter once said : “I cannot join in this world, it is a pleasure for me to live with the dead and the unborn.”

Rasika de Silva too is not a joiner, a member of ...isms, clubs or associations. On the contrary he is a loner, a gifted maverick, an unassuming young man originating from Ambalangoda an area better known for scholarly monks and hot blooded revolutionaries rather than introspective painters. There is nothing pretentious about Rasika’s work, he paints what he sees ; in his minds eye, his third eye if you like. Despite this introverted nature, Rasika’s passion for art leap forth from his canvas. When I pre-viewed his 2nd solo painting exhibition held at the Alliance française de Colombo in the year 2003, I concluded my article by saying “he needs to be less polemical and more subtle in his work which he will undoubtedly achieve with maturity but nevertheless with sheer force of passionate impact he convinces me of genuineness of intent.”

This time around I feel Rasika’s work while not losing any of the passion, has now moved on to a less confrontational phase, less didactic, less about “the staring eye, the dilated pupil, peering, accusing, speaking of anger and pain at what human kind has caused to nature etc...”, but a more gentler less judgmental vision, perhaps a more complex exploration of the relative place of men and women within nature (...)

Online 03/06/2006

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