Exhibition of paintings by Artist Nihal Sangabo Dias at the Auditorium of Alliance Francaise.

Nihal Sangabo Dias is a talented artist and a sculptor who has spent nearly 20 years in expressing various aspects of the environment, humanity and society in different ways by the medium of art. One of the prominent master pieces of this artist, who is suffering from a hearing impairment, “The general meeting of Colombo Municipal Council 1906” is a sculpture still on exhibition at the old Town Hall.

Speciality in him is that his reaction towards nature and environment always had to be expressed on a piece of paper in the form of a sketch or with clay as a sculpture, which he later developed in to a great art.

He is also among the artists who campaigned against the war by using his media since 1995. He always made an attempt to exhibit some of the efforts he made on canvas by his brush to express his thoughts on the war in almost all the exhibitions he held.

Soon after his graduation from the college of Fine Arts in 1976 he joined the Rohana School for the deaf as an art teacher in 1982. He was offered employment at the Colombo Municipal Council as an artist in the printing Department.
He managed to hold his first one man exhibition in June 1995 at the National Art Gallery. He had the rare opportunity to hold a special exhibition of his work in Sweden while he was representing Sri Lanka as a delegate at the educational workshop for the deaf held in 1987.

He has contributed his valuable time not only as an artist but also for doing research for the Sign Language Research Project at the National Institute of Education, Maharagama.
Considering all his experiences, he has proved that disability is not a hindrance to contribute something to the betterment of Society if some one really wants to.

A.G. Richard Perera

Online 31/01/2006

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