Saturday 9th December, 9.oo pm @ H20 Night Club.

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DJ Clément

The final event of the Paris-Colombo Fashion Week was at the H20 Nightclub on Saturday 9th December from 9pm onwards. A wide-screen slide show of the exhibition and the fashion show were presented during the night. This was be the first visit to Sri Lanka of the well-known DJ who regularly performs in prominent clubs around the world spanning from Tokyo to Amsterdam, London and Bangkok.

Dj clément

Musician from the age of 14 in diverse groups of the new wave and discovering the electronic music in 1992 Clément is originally from the city of Montpellier. He then becomes a DJ and organises his first performances in the south of France. He was one of the pioneers of the “Boréalis” festival of Montpellier which was organized for many consecutive years.

This fantastic performer is present today in numerous Parisian clubs and discotheques, and is adored by a majority of those who love new trends of music. Clément is today one of the most popular djs in the electro scene in France. He regularly plays in biggest clubs of Europe (Fabric London, Paloma Barcelona, Weekend Berlin, Dirty dancing Brussels...) and also around the world (Japan, Brazil, US, Thailand, Tunisia, Mexico, Poland...).

Besides residing at the famous Parisian club “ le pulp”, this famous musician is also the founder member of the band “ASWEFALL” with his partner Léo Hellden. (pop guitarist and guru of studio, he is well known for his work with Jay Jay Johanson).

Air France has recently chosen the first part of the album “ between us” of “aswefall” to illustrate their new world wide campaign directed by Huo Hsai Sien. Their music is going to be all around the world at this occasion.

Online 10/12/2006

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