Focus III - Role and value of urban heritage in the city of tomorrow

Of the past, for the future – as part of a full week of events on Heritage, the seminar Living Heritage will explore the role and the value of urban heritage in the city of tomorrow.

Living Heritage is a collaboration between Sri Lankan architects, the European Union, the Netherlands Embassy, the French Embassy, with support of the Alliance Française of Kotte and the British Council, that seeks to raise awareness about Sri Lanka’s unique urban heritage and the need to incorporate cultural heritage into urban development planning and construction works, so as to ensure that the wealth of the city’s heritage exists for tomorrow’s generation and forms an integral part of the experience of the city.

Questions of how to preserve and promote Sri Lanka’s existing urban heritage, and of how to integrate these issues into sustainable urban development are at the core of our seminar. Throughout the day, we will be giving the floor to different views on architecture, ancient site valorization and the reuse of colonial heritage, but also on urban management and design, so as to discuss examples and share experiences on innovative solutions to mitigating the negative impacts of urban expansion, and to efficiently combine preserving heritage with urban development.

Experts from France, the Netherlands, the UK, India and Sri Lanka will discuss the challenges of imagining and building the city of tomorrow while valuing and readapting the past.

JPEGPr. Carlos Moreno

To kick-off the session, Pr. Carlos Moreno will address the concept of heritage in the human and sustainable smart city. A seasoned academic, Pr. Moreno has conducted research works on robotics and artificial intelligence in France before turning his attention to the ‘sustainable digital city’. He has explored a variety of disciplines and worked in a wide range of spheres – teaching, research, business and industry. From his research and reflection on the future of the city, he has developed the concept of the Human smart city, to remind us that the smart city should not be seen from a techno centric perspective only, but rather from a human angle. For the city of tomorrow to succeed in improving our urban experience, it needs to respect its history and embrace its identity. Heritage is a key component of the Human Smart City. In his effort to lead and popularize the reflection on the human smart city, he has created the Live in a Living City forum, to look at how urban environments are changing.

Pr. Carlos Moreno will intervene in the framework of our series of conferences FOCUS that we have run throughout the year on the theme of “Heritage and sustainable development”. We have tried, through these discussions, to raise awareness of the need and value of preserving, valorizing and building the heritage of tomorrow. Our FOCUS have received a very positive echo in the public and in the media.


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Online 29/08/2017

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