France renews its cooperation agreement with SLRC

The National Television SLRC and the French governmental organization Canal France International (CFI) have renewed their Partnership agreement on the audiovisual field.

Since February 2000, CFI offered to SLRC, many sorts of French and European television programs : news, entertainment, education, and sport etc.
After the positive evaluation of the partnership between CFI and SLRC, CFI, “supplier of programs” for SLRC, has proposed to widen the agreement to a mission of “cooperation”. Within the context of the cultural and economic cooperation between France and Sri Lanka, CFI and SLRC have worked together on a project in order to develop the SLRC and to strengthen the professional skills of its employees by organizing training courses, training workshops, and professional seminars in Sri Lanka.

In this framework, Mr. Alexandre Durand Drouhin, a French expert from CFI will conduct a 14 days training on TV reportage opened to journalists, reporters, producers and editors.
8 employees of SLRC and 5 from the French - Sri Lankan cultural TV magazine “Bonsoir” have been selected to follow the workshop.
Exchange of the contracts - JPEG

Mr. Frédéric Durand Drouhin, trainer for CFI

Mr. Karunarathna PARANAVITHANA , CEO of SLRCM,

Mr. Hervé MASCARAU, Cultural Counsellor

Online 20/07/2011

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