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Created in 1979, The French School of Colombo totalizes 40 students from 2 to 18 year-old, from infant section to secondary school.
The first aim of EFIC is to enable the children of French and foreign citizens temporarily or permanently living in Sri Lanka to access an education conform to the requirements of the French Ministry of Education. It entitles the pupils to rejoin any other French school in France or anywhere in the world.

The school is located in a residential and peaceful but very central part of Colombo. A vast garden allows a lot of outdoor activities.


The French International School of Colombo offers a bilingual education (French/ English) to children from 2 to 11 years old, which is in conformity with the official French curriculum. The school is part of the French Schools Abroad network (AEFE), fully endorsed by the Ministry of Education in France. The School is managed by the children’s parents, organized in a non-profit-making association.

The Nursery School/Kindergarten (from 2 to 5 years) provides teaching methods in accordance with official French Programs, developing the languages and socializing skills. The admission of children of 2 years is discussed together with the parents according to the level of maturity and autonomy of the children.

The school is located at 120 Park Road - Colombo 5 , in a spacious villa with a playing area. It provides several services such as a library, a computer room and an art room. It also organizes regular swimming classes and other sports activities.

The pupils are from various countries such as Sri Lanka, Cuba, Great Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, the United States, Colombia, etc… French and English being the languages in which the children are taught the school encourages children of all languages and backgrounds, especially those from the School’s host country Sri Lanka, to join a unique learning experience with special attention provided to develop each child’s skills.



Children’s reception from 8.15 in the play ground.

From Monday to Thursday: lessons start 8.30, finish 14.45. Break time from 10 to 10.30 . Lunch break from 12 to 1.

Fridays: lesson start 8.30, finish 12.30.
Break time from 10.30 to 11.

School reception is open :
Monday to Thursday: 8.00 to 16.00
Friday: 8.00 to 1

Organization of the school

The school has got four classes with various levels in them.
The size of the classes allows the students to be organized in different level groups within the same class.
They can be divided as follow:

· The Infant covers Small Section (pupils aged 2 to 3), Middle Section (3 to 4) and Big Section (4 to 5)

· The Primary is divided between 2 cycles; the first one covers CP, CE1 (6 to 8) and the second covers CE2, CM1 and CM2 ( 9 to 11)

· The Secondary covers every level up to Baccalaureat.

For the Secondary School, teaching is assumed by the National Center for Distance Learning (CNED), enabled by pedagogical assistants who help with work organization and understanding of the lessons. The size odf the class entitles each pupil with personalized help. Thanks to this system the EFIC can prepare the students to French National Examinations.

After school activities

Various clubs are opened to the students: judo, hip hop, science, arts, football, karate, homework support…
Ths school is a member of a Swimming Club.


Ths School provides the services of a lunch delivery for the pupils who require them. The menus are balanced and decided by volunteering parents.

Registration and prices

Deadline for filing an application for a scholarship from the French Government for 2014-2015 : 20th March 2014.


Ecole Française Internationale de Colombo


Park Road

Colombo 5

Sri Lanka

Tel-Fax : (9411) 258 88 03

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