French artist Philippe Baudelocque for French Spring Festival 2019 [fr]

As part of the French Spring Festival, the Embassy of France and Alliance française de Kotte have had the pleasure to welcome the artist Philippe Baudelocque in Colombo. With his famous white oil pastel, he has invested three walls around the city painted in black for the occasion. His beautiful pieces of art can be admired at:

-  Park street
-  Ecole française internationale de Colombo (EFIC), 120 Park Road, Colombo 05
-  Alliance française de Kotte, 11 Keppetipola Road, Colombo 05


The passers-by and the students of the school and the Alliance have had the chance to see the artist draw live, insufflating life to enchanting elephants, monkeys and trees. Associating animals, nature and universe with various patterns, Philippe Baudelocque wants to convey simple emotions and the idea of knowledge transfer through his art. Animals are his greatest source of inspiration as they speak to the global public. The drawings may seem fragile but they are permanent and resistant, a paradox valued by the artist.


Graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts, he began drawing on urban walls in 2012 using chalk or pastel. His creations are found in several districts of Paris (building facades, shop windows) and around the world (Abu Dhabi, Azerbaijan, Japan, Hong Kong…).


Online 15/07/2019

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