“From the South of France...” Exhibition @ Alliance francaise Kandy

The Alliance française de Kandy presents an exceptional exhibition of drawings Kingsley Gunatillake.

This exhibition will be declared open by His Excellency Mr. Jean-Bernard de Vaivre, Ambassador for France, on Friday, 7th July, 2006, at 6.30 p.m.

Exhibition continues from 8th to 16th July (9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)


“From the South of France...”

Earth with hard red rubble. Pruned vineyards. Melted and twisted iron as if iron sprung from the earth. The strips of land with not so high mounds sprawl and spread far. The motifs remain un-intrusive of each other.

The different designs and motifs spread to the horizon until almost invisible. A cold that does not tire. The smell of the earth that is warmed by the gentle sun falling on it. As if the grape storks are growing, twisting and turning. The boredom and the anxiety slowly slip away as such.


I don’t have a profound theory on this. The few days in a small house in the village of Bédarieux in South of France. The pleasure of walking alone for seven, eight miles along the vineyards. The French cuisine, wine culture, pleasure of their hospitality and another world.

All these will be unraveling underneath the vineyard in my drawings.

Kingsley Gunatillake

Online 05/07/2006

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