Global Coalition Against Daesh: high-level experts meeting at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (25 June 2019) [fr]

Political Directors Meeting

The Global Coalition against Daesh was created in summer 2014 with the aim of putting an end to Daesh’s terrorist plans and its stranglehold on an area of over 110,000 km² across Iraq and Syria. Some 80 countries and international organizations have since joined. It takes military action, such as Operation Inherent Resolve, but also works on counter-propaganda, fighting against the financing of terrorism, fighting foreign terrorist combatants and helping to stabilize and rebuild freed areas.

This meeting is the Coalition’s first high-level meeting since the fall of the last terrorist stronghold of Baghouz in Syria on 23 March 2019, which marked the end of Daesh’s presence in the Levant after over four years of joint efforts with the support of our local partners in Iraq and Syria. The threat that the terrorist group poses to international security has not, however, disappeared. The end of Daesh’s territorial control is just one step on the way to the long-term and complete defeat of the terrorist organization. Daesh is trying to rebuild around clandestine units in Iraq and Syria and a regional network of terrorist fighters through which it intends to continue attacking populations and local authorities far beyond the Levant.

The Coalition must continue its global action against the terrorist group in view of this changing but sustained threat. The Coalition remains one of the major frameworks for action within the international efforts against Daesh. It is an inclusive and effective format. There have been significant successes since 2014 and the Coalition has gathered genuine expertise, leading us to believe that we should enhance this structure which is particularly adapted to the challenges of this new phase towards eradicating terrorist group.

By hosting the Political Directors meeting in Paris, France is demonstrating its determination to act with its international partners to completely and permanently eliminate the threat from Daesh. France is militarily involved within the Coalition. It runs support and training activities for local forces involved in combatting the terrorist group as part of Operation Chammal in Iraq and Syria. Since 2018, France has also stepped up its financial contribution to humanitarian assistance and the stabilization of territories freed from Daesh in Syria.

Paris Roadmap of the Political Directors of the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh

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Online 26/06/2019

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