IF Cinéma à la carte is back !


Enjoy a selection of movies from the comfort of your own home for free! 🎬

February 8 marks the comeback of IF Cinéma à la carte, an initiative of the Institut Français, which provides free access to French films with subtitles all year round. IFcinéma à la carte will gather each month a different selection of short and feature films available for streaming on the platform.

On the occasion of the "Fête de la Musique", discover seven films, including three films from the "3ème scène" of the Opéra de Paris, accessible until July 10th.

French Waves by Julian Starke (2017)

Quand les mains murmurent by Thierry Augé (2012)

Chante ton bac by David André (2013)

Sur le chemin de la rumba by David-Pierre Fila (2014)

Violetta by Julie Deliquet (2020) (3ème scène de l’Opéra de Paris)

Les Divas du Taguerabt by Karim Moussaoui (2020) (3ème scène de l’Opéra de Paris)

Vers le silence by Jean-Stéphane Bron (2018) (3ème scène de l’Opéra de Paris)

Watch the films for free here.


In addition, the Culturethèque platform is still available at no cost, allowing you to download a multitude of content ranging from literary novelties to magazines or web documentaries.

Enjoy ! 🎞

Online 10/06/2021

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