Jazz Concert by Octave et Anatole on July 12th at the Hilton [fr]

To bring French Spring Festival 2019 to an end, the Hilton Colombo will welcome two guitarists from the French collective of young musicians Octave and Anatole. They will share their repertoire, originally based on gypsy jazz (Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grapelli) and American swing standards (Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller ...). Breathing a new and captivating spirit to the old classics of jazz, they have expanded their style to revisited versions of French songs (Piaf, Brassens, Brel, Aznavour ...) and traditional music (Spanish, Russian, Gypsy, Yiddish ...).

Their live performance by the pool of the Hilton will be the last event of the 2019 edition of the French Spring Festival before its closing on Bastille Day.

The event is free, on registration at lea.bayon@diplomatie.gouv.fr before July 11th.


Online 15/07/2019

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