LabCitoyen is back! Participate and win a trip to Paris

What is LabCitoyen 2017?

Designed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and the Institut Français, in collaboration with La Maison des Cultures du Monde, LabCitoyen is an international youth forum that aims at promoting the French language as a tool for debate and action on the major issues of our time.

For its 6th edition, LabCitoyen will look at “Human Rights in the City”/“Droits humains dans la ville”, in recognition to the leading role of the City as an actor and space for human rights, their enjoyment and guarantee (as a service providers and public policy makers in education, health or accommodation).

As a majority of the world’s population now lives in urban areas, the continued access to health infrastructures, housing, healthy and open environments, or inclusive society, etc …, are growing challenges that the City must tackle.


An invitation to debate in France
During a 10 days trip in France, winners of the LabCitoyen contest, coming from all over the world, will be able to address the questions of the multiple human rights to enjoy in the City, the right to the city, the new urban agenda… through conferences, debates, cultural visits and workshops organized by the Institut Français, in collaboration with Maisons des Cultures du Monde.

The programme could involve debates related to:
- Coming to the city (internal migrations, rural exodus…)
- Living and sharing the city (precarious habitat, urban segregation and inclusion …)
- Participating in the city (local and participative democracy, living together …)

The contest
To participate and try your chance, it’s easy!

Take your laptop, or a pen and a piece of paper for the old fashion way; write down your thoughts on…
« Les droits humains dans la ville - participer en ville »
« Human rights in the city – participating in the city »

…discussing the challenges and opportunities for human rights in the city of today and tomorrow.

Some ideas for you to consider…
- Urban demography and climate change, the new challenges for human rights in the city?
- How can the City make use of new technologies/ instruments to protect and enhance human rights?
(related to climate change, sustainable development, natural resources, participation and democracy, equality….)

!!Essays must in French, and no more than 500 words!!

Send us your essay, along with the application form enclosed below,
by Friday 10 march 2017,in Word format, to:

Five finalists will be invited to make a short oral presentation on Thursday 30th March 2017 at the Alliance Française de Kotte.

The winner of the competition will be invited by the Embassy of France and the Institut Français, with the support of La Maison des Cultures du Monde, to a 10 days all-expenses-paid trip to Paris from 2nd to 10th July 2017.

Who can participate?
- Be a Sri Lankan or Maldivian citizen
- Be between 20 and 26 years old
- Have a good proficiency in French (B1 level)
- Be interested in Human rights
(experience in associative/civic/humanitarian work is a plus but not compulsory)

- Applications by 10.03.2017
- Interviews on 30.03.2017
- Paris from 2/07 to 10/07/2017


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(Word - 378.5 kb)

Online 29/08/2017

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