Local EU statement on the case taken by the Maldivian Supreme Court against Maldivian Election Commissioners for alleged contempt of court

The European Union Delegation issues the following statement in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission in Sri Lanka

"The EU Delegation recalls the important role played by the Maldives Elections Commission in ensuring transparent, inclusive and credible electoral processes in the Maldives, and look forward to the forthcoming elections to the Majlis.

Given the fundamental importance of the separation of powers and while also respecting the importance of the independence of the judiciary, the EU Delegation notes with concern the current action of the Supreme Court on its own initiative to bring before it members of the Elections Commission who have expressed concern over its judgments. The current proceedings risk undermining the vital independence of the Elections Commission, respect for the separation of powers and free expression in the Maldives.
The EU Delegation recalls the importance of legal proceedings being fair and transparent in accordance with international standards, and call on the Government of the Maldives to ensure the independence of the Elections Commission in the run up to and during the Majlis Elections so that they can proceed as scheduled on 22 March 2014. "

Online 26/02/2014

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