Olivier Grossetête will "make history" at Colombo Art Biennale [fr]

The Colombo Art Biennale is announcing the 3rd edition of Sri Lanka’s leading international festival of contemporary art with ‘Making History’ until 9th of February.

Do we make history or does history makes us what we are today? This is a question often asked, and an answer to this could take us on a deep and nuanced exploration of the implications of history on the human being as well as the human condition.

Artists for CAB 2014 include many of Sri Lanka’s most recognized established and emerging artists, as well as artists from China, USA, Britain, Italy, Austria, Scotland, France, Sweden, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Qatar and Iran, all of whom will be presenting works working towards the this year’s theme ‘Making History’.

They will be exhibited in several places : Park Street Mews, JDA Perera, Lionel Wendt and Harold Peiries Gallery, Barefoot, Goethe Institute.

This year, we are proud to announce Olivier Grossetête as France representant. Olivier Grossetête work tries to evoke the poetry and dreamlike aspects that exist within our everyday life. By playing with a false naiveté, he wants his monumental installations to encourage the viewer to question the laws (physical as well as social) which govern us.


Grossetête trained at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Valencia, where he concentrated mainly on drawing from life, obtaining a DNSEP in 1998. He went on to work as a stage manager at the Periscope Theatre in Nîmes, which he sees as having helped him come to grips with the difficulties of the narrative and to develop ways of thinking about scenographic space. Since then, his work has been focused on the relationship between idea and action, the work and its context, volume and area. He explores the urban space with the desire to examine the architecture and its symbolism through installations of monumental cardboard buildings.

Olivier will erect his “people tower” Saturday 8th of February at 4 pm in Colombo’s Independence square with the audience help. Be ready !

For more information : http://colomboartbiennale.com/artist2014/

Online 29/08/2017

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