Photography exhibition by Cédric Gatillon at Black Cat Café - 15th to 25th of August

The French Embassy in Sri Lanka and the Maldives and the Alliance Française de Kotte invite the French photographer Cédric Gatillon to share his vision of Sri Lanka through his artwork.

Monday, the 14th of August the exhibition of Cédric Gatillon will officially be opened at 6 pm at Black Cat Café in the presence the artist himself.


The artist presents a series of photographs taken during a recent stay in Sri Lanka. They try to capture the ordinary life of Sri Lankan men and women, in their everyday work, and leisure activities. Cedric Gatillon combines formal composition and emotions in order to comply with the reality. However his pictures do not follow the traditional and academic codes of photojournalism. Cedric Gatillon wants the viewer to understand the peculiarities of this country apart from any political or symbolic message.


Cedric Gatillon is a contemporary freelance Graphic Designer and teacher with a unique and original voice. His multi-disciplinary, auteur-like approach blends his own photography and digital imagery with typography to express ideas and design solutions for a multitude of high end clients. His unique approach is the result of an international design education at L’École Estienne in Paris and then in London at Camberwell College of Arts and Crafts.

For more information about the exhibition click here.
For more information about Cédric Gatillon, click here.

Online 29/08/2018

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