Post-Tsunami French Aid : mecanisms and assessment [fr]

1. Implementation of concessional loans scheme for tsunami-affected countries

After the tsunami, the 300 M€ facility for tsunami-affected countries was implemented by the Agence Française de Développement on one hand, and the French ministry of economy and finances as part of the “fund for emerging countries” (RPE). For AFD, it is
“untied aid”, for the Ministry of economy and finances, it is “tied aid”. For more information, please consult the document “contributions of France to the development of Sri Lanka and the Maldives”.

2. A high quality, with good ratios of implementation and with lasting and consistent outcome French Aid

Further to the tsunami of December 26th, 2004, France rallied the donors community to help Sri Lanka recover from the disaster. Actions of urgent help, reconstruction and prevention of disasters were sent out rapidly to Sri Lanka and to the Maldives, for a total amount of 130 M€.
France supported financially more than twenty NGOs’ projects as part of post - tsunami aid, in various fields such as water decontamination, fishing and agriculture, education and vocational training, programmes of « cash for Work » and incomes, health, psychosocial help, accommodation and disaster management. 6,8 M€ have been granted to Sri Lanka and 1 M€ to the Maldives.
After the precise évaluation of the post-tsunami projects (DGCID, Aide Publique Française aux pays touchés par le tsunami du 26 décembre 2004, Rapport final, N° 95, Evaluations, 26 Febraury 2007), most of these programs have proved to be of high quality, with good ratios of implementation and with lasting and consistent outcome. However, rapid diagnoses may have affected the quality and the sustainability of some programmes. Administrative requirements have also delayed the carrying out of some projects especially in the building sector and in regard to the prevention and mitigation of disasters.

Online 23/07/2013

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