Press release regarding the issuance in France of stamps bearing pictures and symbols of the LTTE

Press release of the Embassy of France in Sri Lanka and the Maldives
Colombo, the 10th of January 2012


Following reports published in different newspapers regarding the issuance in France of stamps bearing pictures and symbols of the LTTE, the Embassy of France in Sri Lanka wishes to inform the media and the Sri Lankan public that no such stamp is part of the official philatelist programme of France, neither on sale in the French post offices. The French Postal services, “La Poste”, offers an online service through which customers can order limited quantities of personalized stamps under their responsibility and under specific conditions. It appears that individuals have used this service to order the above mentioned stamps.


“La Poste” recognized that they failed to detect that the conditions had not been met and that some of these stamps have been printed by mistake.


Having been informed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs that LTTE is a movement which has been listed since 2006 as a terrorist organization by the European Union, “La Poste” assures that no such stamp will be printed further.


Since 1991, le “Groupe La Poste”, of which French postal services are a part, is an independent public, industrial and commercial institution.



On the 4th of January 2012, the French Ambassador has reconfirmed the elements of the press release in a TV interview at the SLRC channel , and added :

"It is a very unfortunate and regrettable error for which La Poste apologized to the SL Embassy in Paris.


I would like to seize the opportunity of this voice cut with Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation to reaffirm that France strongly condemns all form of terrorism all over the world and that the French government could in no way have supported an initiative aiming at backing the LTTE. "

Online 12/01/2012

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