Screening of the movie Chasing Coral on May 17, 7pm at BCIS - As part of FOCUS 2018

On the occasion of the FOCUS seminar to be held on May 17 at BCIS (Sarana Rd, Colombo, BMICH), the French Embassy in Sri Lanka and the Maldives and its partners invite you to attend the screening of the movie "Chasing Coral " (2017) to close this event dedicated to the management of the oceans and the boost of the "Blue Economy".

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Documentary directed by Jeff Orlowski
Audience Award - Sundance Film Festival 2017

Along with Jeff Orlowski, a group of scientists and photographers embark on a unique adventure to discover the mysteries of the seabed. The film took more than 3 years of filming and is the result of more than 650 hours underwater, the presentation of images of volunteers from 30 countries, as well as the support of more than 500 people from various parts of the world. The goal is to raise public awareness on the phenomenon of coral disappearance caused by human activity and the warming of the oceans.

With its images of great aesthetics, "Chasing Coral" testifies to the beauty and fragility of this aquatic microorganism, but also of its crucial importance for the viability of its ecosystem. With the rise of 2 ° of the temperature of the water, a real race against the clock is committed to save this fabulous species that is the coral ...

"We are on the front lines of climate change trying to capture stories that can help the public understand what global warming really is."

Jeff Orlowski

NB: The FOCUS 2018 initiative "Managing the Oceans and Boosting the Blue Economy", implemented by the French Embassy in Sri Lanka and the Maldives and its partners - Biodiversity Sri Lanka, the French Development Agency, the Alliance Française de Kotte in Colombo, the Munasinghe Institute for Development, IUCN and BCIS - aims to raise public awareness and create synergies between all local actors (private, public, academic and civil society) for sustainable management and innovative marine resources in Sri Lanka.


Online 10/05/2018

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