Smart Cities - Third Integrated Urban Development program organized by AFD in Chandigarh, India - The French Experiences

French expertise and approach from October 9th to October 12th with the concrete example of Chandigarh Smart City, conceived 50 years ago by the architect Le Corbusier in Chandigarh.

Training program’s goals

For the third consecutive year, Agence Française de Développement (AFD) organized a training program on sustainable urban development dedicated to decision-makers and senior practitioners from municipalities, subnational entities or ministries from four Asian countries (Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka).

The training program focused on a specific but still transversal sub-theme related to sustainable urban development: the smart cities. It took place in India (Chandigarh) in order to build on the first experiences of the largest national program dedicated to smart cities, launched in 2015 by the government of India and supported by AFD.

Two participants from Sri Lanka Mr. M F A Mubarak, Director, Urban Development, Water Supply and Environment, National Planning Department/Ministry of National Policies & Economic Affairs and Mr. D.G.A.L. Dassanayake, Project Director, Strategic Cities Development Program, Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development, important partners for AFD in Sri Lanka, attended this year’s Smart Cities program.

The partnership between Chandigarh and AFD aimed at putting in perspective the French expertise and approach with the concrete example of Chandigarh Smart City, conceived 50 years ago by the architect Le Corbusier. The objective was to present an integrated overview of the French and Indian expertise on a wide range of competencies necessary to address the challenge of developing sustainable smart cities, in perspective with climate change issues. It dealt with smart urban planning, smart mobility, smart energy, smart governance, smart social approach, smart waste or water management, access to common public services and utilities, as well as economic and financing issues.


Program: a mix of case studies, project visits and workshops

The seminar took place in Chandigarh from October 9th to October 12th, mostly at the Alliance Française “Le Corbusier” and in different noteworthy places of Chandigarh for sites visits.

The seminar was an opportunity for French experts (public utility boards, national public agencies, local governments, and private sector) to share their expertise, best practices, and present concrete and remarkable examples, transposable in the Asian context. It provided the participants with a comprehensive overview on the main stakes of urban planning and development of a smart city. Considering the various models of urban governance of the participants’ countries of origins, the program was adapted to different profiles.

A mix of plenary sessions, thematic workshops, round tables and site visits fostered exchanges between the participants and speakers on specific projects, case studies and their own experience in their field of competency.


Online 12/03/2018

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