Studying in France - Programmes taught in English and in French

285,000 foreign students from all around the world are currently studying in France. More than 40,000 of these students are from Asian countries and France is one of the first three host countries for international studies abroad.

Choose France for:

  • World renowned higher education institutions
  • Quality of life, diversity and richness of French culture
  • Easy access to the 27 other European Union countries & all of Europe
  • 85 Public Universities with 70,000 student enrolments per year
  • Engineering excellence
  • 500 Institutes “Grandes Écoles” (Specialised in Engineering or Business Administration) with over 30,000 student enrolments per year
  • 291 Doctoral Departments
  • Research & Technology hub

1,000 Specialised Institutions with 50,000 student enrolments per year

1 out of every 3 French doctoral degrees is awarded to a student from outside France.


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For further information, please consult the programmes taught in english on CampusFrance website.

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