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AFD is a public financial institution and the main actor in France’s official development assistance. It makes commitments to projects that genuinely improve the everyday lives of people, in developing and emerging countries and in the French overseas territories.

AFD works in many sectors – energy, health, biodiversity, urban development, water, digital technologies, training – and supports the transition to a safer, more equitable and more sustainable world: a world in common. Its action is fully in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Through its network of 85 agencies, AFD operates in 109 countries and is currently supporting over 3,600 development projects. In 2017, it earmarked EUR 10.4bn to finance these projects.

AFD’s commitment to Sri Lanka and the Maldives

AFD has been present in Sri Lanka since 2005, working out of its Colombo agency on projects in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

AFD started its activities in Sri Lanka in the wake of the December 2004 tsunami, supporting reconstruction work in the affected areas, particularly in the Eastern Province. Since 2009 and the opening of its office in Colombo, AFD has diversified its operations and has been operated as a full-fledged agency since July 2016. Over a period of almost 10 years, the AFD group has committed EUR 626 million to projects, becoming one of the most important bilateral donor partners for Sri Lanka.

In view of the major development challenges Sri Lanka faces today, AFD’s objective is to promote green and inclusive growth. It works towards funding development at the national and territorial levels by supporting public policies, capacity-building and projects led by the State as well as public and decentralised entities (local authorities, public companies, NGOs) that help promoting economic growth, environmental protection and social inclusion.

Given the growing climate related challenges the world must overcome, all AFD’s interventions aim at combatting climate change or adapting to it, thus promoting environmental-friendly and climate resilient projects.

Its projects also aim at reducing gender inequality by guaranteeing both men and women’s access to basic services, promoting women’s access to economic opportunities and decent employment, promoting fight against gender-based violence, and increase the role of women in the definition and governance of projects.

AFD funds four types of activities in Sri Lanka:

• Encouraging sustainable development for inclusive and attractive cities
In order to support a sustainable and controlled urban development, AFD assists national and local authorities in the implementation of public policies enabling territorial development. The projects AFD finances focus on (i) improving the quality of life (through efficient waste and sanitation management, rainwater drainage, public transportation enhancement, reduction of noise pollution, atmospheric pollution and congestion, preservation of natural areas, heritage valorisation, etc.), (ii) economic attractiveness and (iii) social inclusion and equal access to basic services.

• Promoting integrated management at the watershed level
Having a long history in hydraulic schemes, Sri Lanka now targets to implement the principles of integrated water resource management. AFD assists the Sri Lankan authorities in this "revolution" through a multi-purpose project covering issues such as flood prevention, drinking water and agriculture. This comprehensive project engages with multiple actors and promotes a participatory management framework that relies on effective management tools.

• Developing renewable energies and promoting energy efficiency
The projects being implemented by the AFD, including one co-financed with ADB, aim at facilitating the integration of green energies in Sri Lanka’s energy mix and limiting transport losses through the development and improvement of the transmission network. AFD will continue to support the Ceylon Electricity Board (the Sri Lankan public electricity company) in the deployment of new technologies for the distribution network and the development of a new management mode, aiming at increasing the network’s efficiency and the share of renewable energies in Sri Lanka’s network.

• Highlighting the blue economy’s potential
To meet the challenge of both preserving and developing the potential of Sri Lanka’s blue economy, especially in the field of fisheries and coastal tourism, AFD will support public policies and the urgent funding of necessary infrastructures. In this context, the deployment of efficient sanitation systems in the coastal areas and the promotion of green and sustainable harbours (for better quality of products and better incomes for the actors of the fishing sector) are AFD’s priority.

For more information on AFD in Sri Lanka:
AFD Colombo, World Trade Center, Echelon Square, Colombo 1
Tel : +94 (0) 11 529 97 81 Fax : +94 (0) 11 529 97 84
Martin PARENT – AFD Director in Sri Lanka –



Proparco, a subsidiary of Agence Française de Développement (AFD) dedicated to private sector financing, has been working to promote sustainable development for 40 years. Proparco provides funding and technical assistance to businesses and financial institutions in more than 80 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Proparco ranks today among Europe’s largest development finance institutions, with which it frequently implements joint projects. Proparco focuses on sectors that are crucial to development, such as infrastructure – with emphasis on renewable energy – agribusiness, finance, healthcare and education. Its projects contribute to job creation, supply of essential goods and services and more broadly to the reduction of poverty and climate change mitigation.

In addition to financing, Proparco’s role also involves encouraging the emergence of socially responsible and innovative business models in developing and emerging economies. As such, Proparco supports improvements of the ESG performance of its clients.

To achieve these goals Proparco takes advantage of a strong governance. Alongside its majority shareholder, AFD, Proparco boasts a diversified shareholding: public and private financial institutions from France, Africa, and Latin America, service providers, industrial players in countries where Proparco operates and philanthropic funds and foundations. In 2017 Proparco committed €1.4bn to various projects throughout the developing and emerging markets.

Philippe SERRES – Proparco Director in South Asia –

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