The French International School of Colombo: bilingual education in a worldwide network

The French International School of Colombo (EFIC) was founded in 1979.


It is a bilingual French / English school overseen by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), a French governmental organization monitoring more than 450 schools in 130 countries. The density of the AEFE network is unparalleled in the world. The school follows the educational programs, as set by the "Official Guidelines for the French National Education", which guarantees its students the possibility of continuing schooling in France in all public or private institutions and in all other recognized French schools abroad. Furthermore, the French diploma "Baccalauréat Français" is recognized almost everywhere in the world.

Bilingual Education in Colombo

The EFIC follows the French National Education Program and has placed Bilingualism (French/English) at the heart of its school project.
The Pre-Primary and the Primary sections of EFIC offer a bilingual education to all its students: EFIC being the only exclusive bilingual school in Colombo and its students coming from fourteen countries and speaking almost ten languages make it a melting pot of cultures.
EFIC also offers students the opportunity to sit and be awarded the internationally recognized Cambridge University English Exam qualifications. These exams will assess General English competency and will ensure that EFIC students are performing to a high standard in English.

EFIC offers education for:
• Pre-Primary (ages 2 to 5)
• Primary (ages 6 to 11)
• Secondary (ages 11 to 18) Students of the secondary (6th grade to Final Year) are enrolled at the National Center for Distance Learning (CNED). They work on their lessons at school and are supervised by secondary teachers with strong qualifications and a solid university background. These teachers help them organize their time, advice and help them understanding their courses.
The school also provides several extra-curricular activities: art and craft, judo, science, ballet, etc…

EFIC is located in Colombo 5, in a green and quiet environment in the middle of the city.

Online 22/09/2014

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