The French place to be: Alliance Française de Kotte in Colombo!

Alliance Française provides French language courses and cultural activities in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. It has a leading nertwork: since 1954 in the capital city (Kotte/Colombo) but also in Matara (1997), Galle (2007), Kandy (1967), Jaffna (2004) and, since 2009, in the Maldives, in Male.

Throughout the world, the Alliance Française network is present in 133 countries with 813 Alliances Françaises teaching to 473 000 student!

Learning French in Sri Lanka

Learners of French have strongly increased, + 16 % in number of students’ enrollment between 2011 and 2016 across the network. In 2016, 2,700 students are registered.
Well-trained teachers are more and more numerous: 60 part-time teachers in the network, including 25 in the Alliance Française de Kotte (AFKo) in Colombo.
Training activities are developing with the help of the Foundation Alliance Française (DELF-DALF exams and French for specific objectives i.e. French for Tourism, French for young learners).

Beware of counterfeiters!

In 2009, the “Alliance Française de Colombo” (at Barnes Place) lost its label by the Foundation Alliance Française in Paris. It is not an Alliance française any more from this date!
They do not have any relation with the French Embassy and the French educational system: they do not have the right to deliver DELF or DALF - official international French diplomas. They do not have the right to use the logo and do not have any relation with the Foundation in Paris, nor with the Alliances network. They do not provide in-service training approved by the Foundation Alliance française to their teachers.

10 good reasons to study in France

- Postsecondary programs guaranteed by the French government
- Quality higher education, adapted to students’ needs
- A sophisticated research enterprise
- A world-class economic power
- Advanced industries and international corporations that are leaders in their field
- An environment favorable to innovation and entrepreneurs
- A pleasant and satisfying style of life in the heart of Europe
- The art of living “à la française”
- French, an international language (3rd most powerful language in the world)
- An appealing destination for international students

Do you want to learn and speak French? Contact the Alliance Française de Kotte in Colombo. New Term begins on 7th January!


Online 04/01/2017

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