The Government of French Republic Provides Euro 13.9 million Concessional Loan to Sri Lanka. [fr]

Marking the over 45 years old development cooperation between the Sri Lanka and France, the Government of French Republic will provide its assistance to Sri Lanka, by providing a Euro 13.9 million (approximately SLR 2,514 million) concessional loan for the implémentation of Development of Six Mini Dairies Project.

The proposed project will include complete modernization of the pre-selected six mini dairy cooperative societies by establishing state of the art equipment chains to produce pasteurized milk and sterilized milk at a capacity of 4,500 liters per day. The high quality equipment will allow stable, homogenized and high quality products with computerized monitoring. In addition, technical assistances will also be extended to dairy farmers in order to improve the breeding process by a French non-profitable entity and to carry-out a proper market survey on the dairy sector of Sri Lanka


Online 29/03/2019

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