The “Skills and Talents" permit

You have a project. The “Skills and Talents” permit, valid for an initial period of three years and renewable thereafter, allows you to carry out any professional activity of your choice in connection with your project.

It is intended to allow you to participate in the economic development of France and/or your country of origin. Your family will receive a Private and Family Life permit, which will enable them accompany you to France and work there.

You must submit your application to the French Consulate. The Ambassador will decide whether or not you are eligible for this permit.

If you’re working in the humanitarian, artistic, cultural, scientific or sport field, if you want to invest in France or if you want implement your managing skills in France, this permit is dedicated to you.

- If you are interested and think you can match the criterias, please send your application to

H. E. Ambassador
Attention to the counsellor in charge of professional immigration
Embassy of France in Sri Lanka and the Maldives
89 Rosemead Place
Colombo 07
Sri Lanka

Your file shall include :

- A copy of the bio data page of your passport;
- A document of presentation of your project (maximum one page);
- Your detailed CV (one page, except for scientists who can add a page for listing their publications);
- Copies of your diplomas (High Schools and Universities only);
- Proof of your income (depending on the situation : salary slips, income tax statement - mandatory if you are salaried or entrepreneur -, balance sheet of his company...).
- A recent court clearance (less than 3 months).

You will be contact later by phone for an appointment at the visa section for filing a specific visa application form and paying the visa fee (long stay fee)

Online 24/11/2008

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