Two nobels Prize for French National ! [fr]

For the third time in the history of the Nobel Prize for economics, a French National, Mr Jean Tirole has been named as 2014’s winner of this prestigious international award. Before him, Gerard Debreu (1983) and Maurice Allais (1988) received the Bank of Sweden’s Prize in Economics awarded by the Nobel Foundation.
Jean Tirole is Scientific Director of the Institute of Industrial Economics (IDEI) and President of the Foundation of the Toulouse School of Economics. The French scientist was honored for research on market power and regulation which began in the early 1980’s. The main contribution of its research is in bringing information theory and game theory – the study of decision making –to industrial organization. In particular when regulators face “asymmetric information” and do not have access to the same knowledge as the firms which play a major role on markets and operates in oligopolistic or monopolistic conditions. Mr Tirole’s work favors new tools of regulation focused on specific approaches and measures best suited to each sectorial situation.

For more information: IDEI: (eng)

French writer wins the 2014 Nobel Prize in literature: Patrick MODIANO (born in Paris in July 1945) is the 15th French writer to win the prestigious award on 111 awards since 1901.
According to the Nobel Accademy’s permanent Secretary, Modiano won « for the Art of memory for which he has evoked the most ungraspable human destinies and uncovered the life world of the occupation ». Memory, Identity and Time are the main themes of its books.

His novels include - among 30 publications, 1968’s La Place de l’Etoile, 1978’s Rue des boutiques obscures (Prix Goncourt), 1997’s Dora Bruder and Un pédigrée published in 2005.
Modiano is also the co-Author of screenplays including Lacombe Lucien (1973).
Modiano cites Stendhal to illustrate his work: “I cannot give you the reality of facts, I can only present the shadow.”

Talking about the Goncourt Award that he won in 1978, Modiano says : “It is a bit like the election of Miss France. Without a future. It’s surprising but it has absolutely no influence on the carrier of an author. May be because it is given for one book, isolated, detached from the lot.”

To know more about Modiano and his works : + Patrick Modiano

Online 29/08/2017

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