VISA : implementation of the Visa Information system (VIS) on 02.11.2015 [fr]

Since September 25th 2013, the collection of biometric data from visa applicants (photography and fingerprints) has been entrusted to the company VFS, as part of an agreement signed with the Embassy of France in Sri Lanka.

This decision reflects the continuing commitment of the French authorities to ensure the best possible reception of visa applicants while their facilitating all the steps related to their visa application directly to the VFS visa center.

As of November 2, 2015, pursuant to Decision 2004/512 / EC of 8 June 2004 establishing the Visa Information System, the Visa Information System (VIS or Visa Information System) will be deployed in Sri Lanka.

The VIS is intended to enable all the countries members of the Schengen area to better fight against illegal migration, facilitate checks at the external borders of Europe while continuing to simplify visa procedures.
For the visa applicants, this progress is major since their biometric data collected when filing an initial application into the VIS will be stored and can be reused for 5 years.

The personal and confidential data of the visa applicants will be collected through a collection device fulfilling optimal protection standards and will be for the exclusive use of authorized services of France and its European Schengen partners.

By consequence, the personal appearance of the applicants becomes optional for a subsequent application and they will have the possibility to be represented by a third party when filing their applications at our provider VFS.

Up to date, nearly 17 million visa applications were recorded in the European database VIS.

The visa section of the Embassy would like to reassure all the persons subject to visa requirements to France by stating that the next connection to the VIS will not cause disruption to the current processing time for visa applications.

Information relating to the collection of biometric data of applicants are available on the website of VFS , under " Biometric data collection ".

For more information, thanks for consulting the VIS brochures

- The Visa Information System (VIS)

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(PDF - 400.5 kb)

- The Visa Information System (VIS passport):

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(PDF - 459.6 kb)


* The Embassy of France presents also Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Monaco.

Online 29/10/2015

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