“Vues sur Marseille” - Cine Club Alliance francaise Colombo

Bella Ciao by Stéphane Guisti

4 july @ 3pm & 5 july @ 6.30pm

(103 min)


“Italy, in the 1930s. Orfeo Mancini and his wife Nella are a pair of working-class Italians who years ago swore allegiance to the Communist party. With Mussolini on the rise, Orfeo and Nella come to the conclusion that they are no longer welcome in their native land, and they decide to pull up stakes and move to America with their two children. As a result of some confusion en route, the Mancinis end up in Marseilles rather than the United States...”

Marius et Jeannette by Robert Guédiguian

11 july @ 3pm & 12 july @ 6.30pm

(102 min)


“Marius lives alone in an immense, disused cement factory that overlooks the city. He guards this soon to be demolished factory. Jeanette brings her two children up on a meager check-out girl’s salary. She lives in a tiny house that opens out onto a typical Mediterranean style courtyard. The encounter between Marius and Jeanette will not be easy, as apart from the difficulties linked to their social situation, they have both been hurt... in life.”

A l’attaque by Robert Guédiguian

18 july @ 3pm & 19 july @ 6.30pm

(90 min)


“Two budding screenwriters, Xavier and Yvan, discussing ideas for a film. As their faltering story takes shape, so the ‘film’ unfolds, interrupted along the way by their various interjections on the plot’s development. Their film concerns a widow, Lola, loyal co-owner of the family-run garage service, who is summoned by the bank for a repossession warning on an unpaid bank loan...”

Total Khéops by Alain Béverini

25 july @ 3pm & 26 july @ 6.30pm

(120 min)


“It is a story about men on different sides of the law who are in love with the same woman. As young adults, Fabio, Ugo, and Manu were friends and all had feelings for Lole. Fabio becomes a policeman, but Ugo and Manu take on a life of crime. Twenty-five years after their time together, Manu gets out of jail and joins Lole who has waited for him. He is killed that night. Ugo makes an appearance but before long Fabio is the only one of the three who could possibly win Lole’s heart...”

Online 05/07/2006

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