Water for Life! Exhibition and Conference @ Alliance francaise Colombo

«Water for Life!»
Photographic Exhibition From 13th - 15th August
Conference on 15th August at 5 pm


This exhibition is designed to increase public awareness of the challenges raised by water resources in developing countries through photographs taken by IRD researchers. Some of the main topics of sustainable development are covered including climate, health, geo-political issues, obtaining water daily and hydrology.

Whether for health, agriculture or transport, water is the essence of our daily existence. And yet as the 21st Century gets underway, our planet is facing a major water crisis. The tiny proportion of fresh water on the earth is unevenly distributed, badly managed and inadequately protected. Indeed, fresh water is in short supply in many developing countries.


This exhibition aims to illustrate the research projects being carried out around the world. Scientists from all fields are working to try to understand the causes and effects of declining fresh water resources in a bid to better protect existing resources and distribute them more evenly. The exhibition of 23 photographs is presented in five categories: Water... everyday, Temperamental water, Water-related disasters, Water for food, Link or boundary?, Water measurements.


The exhibition was organized by the Scientific Culture department of the IRD Communication and Information Delegation, in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the DGCID.

Online 19/07/2006

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