Welcome to the website of the Embassy of France in Sri Lanka and Maldives!

Those of you who visit our website regularly will notice that it has just been revamped. Our aim has been to make it easier to read and faster to access, in short, to provide a better service.

This site will be a reflection of the richness and diversity of the Franco Sri lankan and Maldivian relationships, which are today closer than ever.

The site will give you a clear vision of all the services provided by the Embassy, of the French presence, and the different actions being undertaken by France in the two countries: humanitarian and development actions, economic, political, cultural and educational collaboration.

I hope this new presentation will be helpful to all those who are interested in the countries, that you will easily find the information you seek, and that you will visit the site regularly!

We therefore welcome any comments and suggestions that you may wish to make!

Happy surfing!

Online 21/10/2015

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