Working in France

You are a foreign national. You want to come and work in France.

France wishes to improve the organisation of professional immigration by making it easier for you to access selected professions.

The arrangements described here are reserved for nationals of countries that do not belong to the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Depending on your personal situation, France is proposing different working permits:

- The "Skills and Talents" permit
- The "Salaried" and “Temporary Worker" permit ;
- The “Employee on Assignment” permit ;
- The “Employee on Assignment” card for senior managers or high-level executives ;
- The “Seasonal Worker" permit ;
- The "Scientific" permit;

N.B.: For the "Salaried”, “Temporary Worker”, “Employee on Assignment”, "Employee on Assignment for Senior Managers or Executives" and "Seasonal Worker" permits: your employer, based in France and wishing to recruit you, is responsible for carrying out the formalities with the ANAEM (Agence Nationale de l’Accueil des Étrangers et des Migrations (ANAEM).

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Professionnal Immigration Leaflet
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Online 01/08/2011

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